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Beautifully yours

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I am a voracious reader and a prolific writer and I am interested in exploring the intricacies of lives of people . People change, so are their perceptions but in them there is a sense of belonging to their families, nations, language, culture , traditions . My belonging is as much as yours but I also do care about ecosystem and in my inner core of my feelings I respect the very nature which provides us all the needs and wants by way of PANCHABOOTHM which in Tamil goes as Water, Air, Space, Fire, Light without which Life goes Awry. The reason that there is conflict of interest in amassing these wealth by crook and nook , our life seems to hit the dead end. The only way to come through the crisis is by constraints and compassion.

There is a wind which blows us through and it is pleasing. There is a fire which makes matters usable . There is water that keeps things alive and kicking. There is space for all of us including plants and animals to live. There ecosystem called earth to sustain all activities.

We as sixth sense make live pleasurable for all.

I am interested in letting my readers know the very nature that has been the live and livelihood of humans rich or poor alike.

If it’s equilibrium is affected , it tends to offset the balance for which we have to pay the premium with the cost of lives .

Let us live the life of contentment with the zeal to work for the betterment of our environment by whatever way possible so that our future generations would be grateful to us.

If we set the right path , the way ahead is scalable and the development at the cost of natural resources is a sin to say the least.

Let us be part of nature .

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