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My Dearest,

i just want to kindlethe scientific fervour in you.(spread this to your friends)

this is scientific engineering.

i aired my thoughts decades ago as a fervent student of zoology. genes make up DNA which is a familiar term now as it is being used to determine hierarchy. treachery etc.

Genes are made up of purines and pyramidines. there r purine &pyrimidine in sequence in DNP which is arranged in the form of Twisted Ladder.-Double Helix as it is called. Adenins&guanin​ r purines , (Necleoside) cytocin &thymin r pyrimidine.(Necleotide)

All the terms cited above are nothing but nuclelic acids with different combinations of nitrates and phosphates.

Alignment of purin & pyrimidine make nucleoside& nucleotide in D N A to carry out specific function.

each function in our body is controlled by set of genes which are inturn are under the influence of four magic chemicals namely Adenins; guanin​ which r purines , (Necleoside) cytocin & thymin which r pyrimidine.(Necleotide).

My contention is if something happens to structural patterns, manifestation of disease occurs.

By so arranging the texture as it were before , whether one could get the functionality back to square one.

I am sounding as simple as that. Is it so? it is as simple and complicated as ageing which is natual and atleast for now can not be stoped.

god bless young and old alike​ to have right set of genes without impairments. the world’s scientific community is working on the above formula of bringing back right alingnment for every impairment and every patern be it behavioral to sexual is studied and coded .
what shall we do as​ humans​ with limitations imposed ? let the science decide our future.
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