For the sake of Friendship — Ducked & Dumped

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“ Shadow of yesterday Have faded away,
Sun has reappeared
It’s a brand new day Birds singing their song Loud and clear,
Announcing to the world A new day is here, Sun appears in the east Has begun a new quest,

In the middle at noon And then sets in the west, Wishing you contentment And peace along the way Good morning to ALL
And have a nice day:

God must have known there would be times We’d need a word of cheer, Someone to praise a triumph Or brush away a tear.

He must have known we’d need to share The joy of “little things” In order to appreciate The happiness life brings.

I think He knew our troubled hearts Would sometimes throb with pain, At trials and misfortunes, Or goals we can’t attain.

He knew we’d need the comfort Of an understanding heart To give us strength and courage To make a fresh, new start.

He knew we’d need companionship, Unselfish… lasting… true, And so God answered the heart’s great need With cherished friends… like you!

One Fine day, all of us will get busy wid our lives, long working hours, no more classes, lectures, friends n sms’,

some will get married, won’t have time for ourselves, at such a day u will look outsid ur window n see the good old memories flash by u & u will get a smile with a tear in ur eyes & turn back to ur work thinking I wish I could go back..

love u friends Every morning U r handed 24 golden hrs.
They r one of d few things in diz world tht U get free of charge. …
If U had all the money in d world, U cudn’t buy an extra hr…
What will U do wid diz priceless treasure …? Good Morning friends
Hi friends Everybody Searches For A Chance To Impress Other But They Don’t Understands …That Impressions Are Made By Very Casual Happening … =)

G o.0 d M o r n ! n g Night Is Desinged to End the Worries &amp; Fears Of d Day
It Signifies to Leave It All To GOD &amp; Prepare for Another Day To Come Have A Peaceful Nite &; A Blessed tomorrow !


Gud Night Friends It’s My Pray When U Sleep Ur Sorrows Tension &  Worries Also Sleep 4 Ever &amp; When U Get Up Ur Success Of Life Get Up With U 4 Ever “Gud MoRniNg”

A friendship doesn’t shine by shaking hands in the best times
But It blossoms by holding the hands firmly in critical times …

Indeed, True friendship doesn’t require religion, cast or culture similarity But Infact need a lot of understanding blended with extreme care, respect and sacrifice .. (-,=)
I’ve learnt many things from my Friends They gave me the tricks for a stupid activity
They gave me money when I’m empty in college cantene
They raise their hands towards me for good-bye when I’m leaving them
They love me They care me n I love them too….
But still I’ve a complaint Stil They don’t teach me 1 thing n You know what? . They don’t teach me How to live without them
Dedicated 2 my Friends … D e d i c a t e d To All My J I G x X x … Not Even The Best Dessert Can Taste Sweeter Than The Cheap Ice Cream I Ate With Them … =) N

Even The Best Compliments Can Sound Better Than The Jokes They Poke At Me … =P Not Even The Expensive Dress Can Suit Me Be88erThan The Dress I Borrowed From Them … 😉

Not Even The Hottest Pizza Can taste Be88er Than The Cheap French-Fries I Had With Them … =D I Do Survive Without Them But I LIVE Only With THEM … 🙂 ? You All Just Imagine The Magic Moments U Did Experience & get
A Few Months Old BABY Touches Ur Face &  LaughsWhen You Go Near. And get
If The Person You Love , Hugs You &  SaysI Love You.. and get Someone Appreciates Your Talent & Says Well Done ! ! .=


And get ,If Your Close Friend Says That You R My Best Friend.

If You R In A Sea Shore With Your Beloved, He/She Holds Your Hands Tightly &amp; Lays On Your Shoulder & Say You R A Valuable Gift In My Life…

If You R On A Ride With Your Loved One &amp; Holding Them Tight From Back &amp; Surrounded By Silence &Just Feeling The Moment &amp; Wishing Time Stops Here… ? ? ?

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