Nature and it’s Fury — Ducked & Dumped

I am a natural lover loving to live in this world without finding reasons for my state of affairs that I am solely in for the reason that being in present is the vital for any organism to survive leave alone competing because the world now is laced with lust for power ,money, nepotism ,total disregard for conservation of trees which are the dangerous trends ,I am treading along to spread the message with vigour and vitality.

May I see you filled with contentment in life. ok. some people argue that the development and change of world order do stop if we are content with what we have.
That is not the case.

Mystatement is as simple as that:we should imbibe value system in the society for which we should study the way our fore fathers lived and we should ingrind in them the modern scientific thoughts to make the world a better place to live.

For that order to happen ,we must respect each other and give each person the dues he deserves in spite of the works that he or she is engaging in because every work is godly and no work is meanial in nature.

Just like every mother nourishes her child with love and compassion , mother nature has provided us with mountains, rivers, lakes , forests , trees , in them animals , insects , birds , reptiles so on and soforth for polination to keep the environments in check and clean.

This is not understood by poor citizens nor even netizens.Hence we do see havocs , quacks , quarrels every where for want of space and air.

Withvengence​ we repeat what we do today, then our tomorrow is at stake.without reverence , Nature would take the call .No qualms Not over stated.

Give a THOUGHT to Agriculure the very blood of our veins without which our banking ,business,politics would have no takers.Unite All The Rivers For The Very Wellbeing of Humankind.

Lest The Nature Would Deface All Without Regrets.
with hope and hoping to cope
yours in doldrums
r. Selvaraj.


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