People’s Power — Ducked & Dumped

People In Power Are Accoutable To The Society..
be it doctors,
be it politicians
be it business people
be it journalists
be it executives
be it lawyers
Can We Do Away With The Following.., tapism
yes indeed.
i heared stories about the father of self help movements -mohamed yusuf who had pioneered the concept of “self help groups” in Bagladesh.

if at all we talk about empowering women, it was due to him. kudos to him .

i am not digressing from my topic as well.
he once through away crores of rupees in the villages of Bangaladesh and requested as well telling the villagers to get them collected and surrended.

It happened.
Beacause of “TRUST”.
we have to see TWO factors emerging from this action.
1.people follow the leader.
2.they follow the leader due to TRUST.

we as social animals can not live in this society without a leader of our choices.
Democracy provides enough opportunities to our people.

Inspite of all, we lack in the TRUST factor.
Even U S S R failed to create a EGALATORIAN society so did CHINA.
What next?
My simple answer is Go For Kill.
people if they chose to live with water ( it has been proved beyond doubt that people be done and dusted with water for livelihood for about six months without demage to internal organs)
then the so called​ Disparities would disappear in NO TIME.

Then all those educated elites whom we “as society “created would come crawling to our feet.
Can any one hear me?
Atleast FARMERS !!!!
The Least They Can Do – there by the economy would stabilize , or else Go For Barter System In Villages atleast to call the SHOTS!!!.
rest next..
may i be fired for the above comments.
see what happens.



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