The compassion is all encompassing — Ducked & Dumped

“can any one imagine a person loaning his earnings to poor &unfortunate with out documentations !?

“yes indeed he was a banker​ but he banked on the trust &good will of people & earned the co-operation which could never be compensated.

HE​ was none other a person called padmanabhan-swamiji padmanabhanji to his devotees.

He served Indian over seas bank at vishnupuram near nachiarkoil until 1990s.​ ​ H e used to read from osho to bhagavatham. One day he happened to hear the speeches of paranoor krishnapremi and he got the transformation he needed.

“what is going to happen is always going to happen”-bhagawat geeta. He was willed to become sanyasin and peers’ pressure to get him married only ended in an ashram called “kottaiyur kudil”

way back in 1920s, the kudil was founded by anna- raman anna . He was affectionately called ’Anna’s by people of the village kottaiyur,some 5 kms away from kumbakonam.

until he attained pranayan in the​ year 2016 of 90​ age , his reverence resonated and​ still kicking and enthusing people alike.

Hewas an orphan from thiruvaiyaru .Being an ardent devotee of lord muruga, he was determined to educate (it was denied to him) poor school drop-outs who were persuaded to assemble at chakrapadhithurai and taught yoga and other classes.

He was well supported by sadhu from punjab namely, Rama sadhu..He was in great physique at that time .Anna’s vitality and sadhus’ virility moved the hearts and souls of big-wigs of the temple city & they set up a school at kottaiyur with one teacher and 25 students.

Today the school named vallalar higher secondary schlock stands tall and brightens the faces of children of villages nearby with pupils strength running over 2500 besides an orphanage center supporting 200 inmates with free food and free education.

Rama sadhu is nomore having passed away at the age of 105 & his samadhi was erected at the school..He was the one who blessed the padmanabhan.

Swamiji padmanabhanji​ saw the tears and turmoil’s of these two seers in close courters​ from very early​ in his life &stood as prop root for the genuine cause.
He is now aboding in an ashram near umayalpuram-5 kms from papanasam.
He is simple,accessible,affectionate and full of compassion. He nurtures castless ,creedless,non religious society based on workman-ship.of course the slang goes “work is work-ship”

Nehru’s clarion call work ! work !! work !!! &swami vivwganandas spirited mantras arise ! awake !! & stop not till the goal is reached would not go un-noticed both in words and in deeds.All at the ashram
welcome to the world of love and compassion.


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