The Magical Movements — Ducked & Dumped

It happened, it happens, it is happening and it is going to happen.

I used to imagine like any other schooling kid about getting the exam through if I could overtake somebody going in front by the Time Target.

This is the usual drama happening to many even today . For your kind reference Visit Ink Vinayagar who is basking In Glory with Ink smeared all over blessing the reluctant poor and rich students in equal proportions with out getting provoked at Kamalalayam Tank , Tiruvarur during the Annual Examinations Feast at the Hands of Paying Parents.

But when I was studying for the SSLC exams in 1977 , I had a wild dream of losing my Maths Notes which contained the important workouts.

We used to study and prepare a month earlier and Three Preliminary Examinations for each subject were to be attended compulsorily and marks scored would be entered in the FINAL SCHOOL LEAVING CERTIFICATE duly attested by the Head Master.

Every body would carry the notes for the said examinations and they would be handed over the supervising teacher and then collected after the Test.

We were all careful in not parting with our Notes after the Preliminary Tests.When Teacher were asking for the notes for Third and Final Preliminary Test for the Maths papers, I handed over the same to the supervising teacher.

I used to score over 90% marks in maths . Imagine the plight I would have suffered after knowing the fact that mine went missing.

I had butterflies in my stomach .What tested me more was that if I complained, I would be accused of incompetence for carrying the notes to exam hall.The dreams I had in the previous night were to happen and it happened.

Whether it was coincidence or not, I did not get the answers right. But I am certain that such incidence gives credence to the fact the there is magical realism in every body’s life and it offers enough opportunities to improvise after being down and dusted.

The task before me after the incident made me stronger and more determined and went about doing the business of revising the ENTIRE TEXT and I scored 97% in the SSLC examinations which I vividly remember today as well.

My dreams are to follow….,,,,


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