The Panchayat Raj — Ducked & Dumped

I am a socialist And I do believe in Panchayat Raj – an act enacted in April 24th​ 1994 @ Parliament for the welfare of people of villages in India as it envisages People’s participation and engaging them for their larger livelihoods.

It is called participatory democracy as they could raise their voices in the meetings about their grivences, their issues, problems and get their voices heard One To One.

More over, the meetings shall be conducted once Four Months on April 24th, May 1st, August 15th and October 2rd.
These days are significant like the formation of panchayat act, world labour day, Independence Day and Gandhi jayanthi respectively.

In the meetings, the agenda is proposed and seconded, followed by address by the president about the performance.

The treasurer would give details of Income and expenditure in the forum for acceptance and approval.

All the minutes of the meetings are being recorded and signed by​ all members of the meeting as well.

Fact File :The people have a SAY in the very functioning of the RAJ and they could very well question and get the things done in a very democratic way.

This is the India ,The Father of Our Nation envisages all about.


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