To Be And Ought To Be — Ducked & Dumped

How are you? With usual enquiries, the unanimous caller talked about the current affairs in banking.

I was all ears for him. He was all enquiring and I was all attentive.

Before he could digress his attention, I brought him into banking.

He did all the talking about scandals, robbery, theft, emigration, attrition, retribution etc and what is lacking in general and at large -Honesty and Integrity.

He went on to add that if these “Two Main Pillars of Strength” are taken care of, the Financial System in General and Economy as a Whole would be for the benefits of the people, you banker are working for.

While we generalized our conversation about Capitalization and Recapitalization of the banks, Banking Codes, what worried him most was the fact which remains :the erosion of values -the value system is in for the beating.

He cautioned me to be on-line always , making sure that people who own the Podium, always look for opportunities to explore New Things In Life.

His Mantra for successful banker “Learn , make people aware of Learning to respect people ( customers), listen to their Ideas ( issues) Participate in them to make India a Vibrant Economy. That is the Essence of Life ” for which you Banker are Proud of : he concluded.

With regards and respects, He parted ways. I am still searching him…


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